Keep Your Day Job

So normally I’m a weekend warrior when it comes to writing, but this weekend I actually have to be in the office for my day job. (The nerve! Actually making me work for my salary. Harumph.)

There was a time when I relatively enjoyed the job that pays for those pesky things called bills and rent, but now I just resent it for taking away precious hours I’d rather spend writing. However, I do not resent having a roof over my head; therefore, the day job is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Has anyone else struggled with this problem as they became serious about writing? Sometimes I don’t know if never being satisfied is a sign of a motivated writer, or just a sickness. :)

Speaking of my job, I should probably get back to it. What kind of "9-5" job (HA!) requires being in the office at 7pm on a Saturday, you ask? One word: Advertising. (P.S. Not as glamorous as you’d think. Kind of like publishing!)


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