Forces of Nature

As most of you have probably read on CNN by now, Japan got completely rocked by an 8.9-magnitude earthquake late last night (our time) and the devastating tsunami that ensued.

Not sure I've ever mentioned on this blog that my sister lives in Tokyo. Well, she does; so when our father called me this morning at 8 am to let me know they had received word she was okay (albeit stranded an hour away from her apartment), let's just say the word "relief" doesn't quite cover what I felt.

Last night I had trouble sleeping because of all the stuff I was stressed about. Work, money, etc. But after this morning, it seems a little ridiculous that I could get so worked up about things that, at the end of the day, aren't that important.

I guess sometimes it takes the earth shifting underneath you, to get your feet planted back on the ground.

Thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan, and anyone else who has loved ones in that region of the world.


Inspiration in Unexpected Places

I'm home sick today. Bronchitis.

So this morning I'm coughing up a lung (among other stuff--gross, I know) and thinking to myself that this must be similar to an exorcism, and BAM!!--new idea for my book.

This hasn't happened in a while. I've been in a bit of a creative rut lately. Maybe it's the day away from the office, maybe it's the hint of spring in the air. Or maybe it's the phlegm.

Either way, it's back on!