A few weeks ago at my company, we took staff photos. Not the lame kind you find next to professional bios in the "About Us" section of a website. This is advertising, after all--we get paid to be creative! So the mandate was for each of us to plan out a photo that we felt best represented who we are. After much whining and dragging of heels, I finally came up with an idea for mine. And thanks to the Photoshop skills of my dear coworker and friend, it came out way cuter than I expected.

I present to you: Jill as Teen Book Nerd.

 And no, I don't usually wear my hair like that. :)


  1. Aw poo you look cute! Speaking of work photos, I had a camera crew roll into my reading class last week.
    PS we are TOTALLY doing HungerGames 2nd term!

  2. Yea I dig this picture;) It does capture you kinda perfectly...minus the hair style.

  3. i just realized you can't see my tattoo, tho :(