LeBron vs Edward

There's a lot of backlash out there about this thing called the Twilight Phenomenon--have you heard about it? Anyway, one of my girlfriends was re-reading Eclipse a couple weeks ago in preparation for the movie, and on more than one occasion a group of male individuals on the PATH train got up in arms about it:

"Why do you like those books? What's so great about Edward? Is it b/c of R Patz?" (yes, one of them actually said R Patz) Of course she couldn't answer these questions. There is no rational explanation for why a woman in her late 20s would like Twilight.

I could go into a variety of theories of where this backlash stems from, but that's not what this post is about.

This post is about the fact that ESPN had a 1-hour special last night for LeBron James to announce he'd be a member of the Miami Heat next season. A full HOUR of over-the-top hype for a man who doesn't even have a championship ring to announce his career move.

The special featured riveting content such as reaction shots from crowded bars in both Miami (bat sh9t crazy elation) and Cleveland (bleak horror), as well as my favorite segment, which I like to call WWLW? (What Will LeBron Wear?)

Oh yes, ESPN went ahead and Photoshopped LeBron in jerseys of each of the potential teams with an offer on the table. We got to see hypothetical LeBron in a Bulls jersey, a Nets jersey, a Knicks jersey....you get the point.

My immediate reaction was to groan loudly to my husband (the reason I was watching this in the first place) about sports fans and their favorite players/teams. And as I ranted about the ridiculous level of obsession, the rabid hanging-on to every insignificant detail, it all started to remind me of something else...

And then it hit me. The answer. The next time a guy asks what all the Twi hype is about, what is it with Team Edward vs Team Jake, I'll know what to say.

"Well, it's kind of like a LeBron-Kobe thing..."


  1. Hah, sports fans and Twilight fans battling each other, that would be fun to watch. I never thought of it before, but the two do have a lot in common. Kinda scary.

  2. Re: ESPN went ahead and Photoshopped LeBron in jerseys of each of the potential teams with an offer on the table.

    They should've then put him next to someone else on the team wearing the jersey so it could have become a "Who Wore It Best" segment.

  3. Love that idea. Totally People magazine-esque.