So I pulled a rookie move. I feel like I probably shouldn't even admit it, but seeing as I'm the only person who probably has ever laid eyes on this blog, I suppose I can treat it like a diary.

I haven't quite completed my final edit--and I submitted to 3 agents over the weekend anyway. I know, totally unprofessional. But they were 3 "yeah, right--in my wildest dreams" agents. The kind where you figure you have a better chance winning the lottery than getting a partial request from them.

So I wasn't shocked when I got a form rejection from Kristin Nelson today. But I have to say it stung a little more than I expected, just the same--I thought the query was pretty snappy. But then again, it's not the most original book idea so I can see how a lot of agents would pass. I mean it's basically Mean Girls with witches. Hopefully at least one agent will give it a chance and fall in love with the characters like I have, and enjoy my own personal twist on it.

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