Not "The News," but News Nonetheless

A little while back I posted on not quitting your day job (and here's the part where I'm supposed to link to it, but that would be ridiculous considering I only have like 10 posts up here).

So much for following my own advice.

So I quite my job. Or tried to. And then they went and dangled a carrot in front of my face. A copywriting position.

Here's the thing. I've been an editor the past 5 or so years b/c it's one of those "hard but easy" jobs. Your day is crazy, there's deadlines, sometimes your eyes feel like they're about to drop out of your skull. But for the most part the creative part of your brain gets to stay shut off, takes a nice nap while the analytical side is working overtime.

This is good and bad. Good because I've always felt I could save up my creative "juice" for my personal pursuits. Why would I want to spill a drop of that on actual "work" when I could be using it on my novel? Bad because I've gotten bored of my job over the past year or so. Which, among many other reasons, is why I quit.

And then they go and bring up this copywriting thing. And I go and take it.

Because you know what? Why put your happiness on hold? I really believe, one day, I will be the published author of a novel (dare I say novelsss? Sure, what the heck). But I'm not foolish enough anymore to believe it will happen overnight. So in the meantime, I figure it's time to start challenging myself in other aspects of my life.

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