So I'm, what, 5 posts deep? I guess it's time I tell you a little bit about my current project, Charm Bracelet.

Now I'm a bit of a private person, and don't like to give out too many details on projects I'm working seriously on, but I will say the following:

High school. Teen witch trying to cop mad magic skills in between gymnastics practice and maintaining her 4.0 average. Cheerleader cult. Cute, tragic boy(s). Misunderstood bad witch from the trailer park. Mysterious homicides. (Because just plain ol' murders just don't cut it.)

P.S. Witches are the new vampires. Dig it!
P.P.S. Perhaps if I'm feeling brave, I'll get a sample up here soon. (I worked 60 hours this week at my day job, so it's quite possible I'm delirious enough to do such a thing.)

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