Dedication...and Then Some

A friend of mine finally got to celebrate the launch party for his book's publication two weeks ago. I say finally because he's been working on the book for 10 years.

Let me say that again: 10 years.

He's a music writer--hip-hop, specifically--and it's a non-fiction book. So sure, he had to spend a lot of time doing research, collecting interviews. And yeah, even though his book had already been purchased by a publisher 5 years ago, he had to work a day job. We were lowly proofreaders together at the time. Meanwhile the guy is a freakin' genius with words. And all this time he was working on rewrites, edits.

So finally R-day has come. (That's Release day). 10 years of research, interviews, and taking crappy proofreading jobs in the meantime. And I'm so darn proud of him. This is the kind of book that is incredibly niche; who knows, maybe it will pick up a cult following. But I can tell you, none of that matters to him. He believed in it--you don't get through 10 years working on a project banking on what other people will think about it.

Once the Hubs is done reading our copy of, I'll be picking it up. You should, too. It is the byproduct of true dedication, and it shows.

And as an aside: yeah, waiting 6-8 weeks for a query response? Not so bad.

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