Wow, I'm embarrassed to even look at when the last time I posted was.

So I'm officially a copywriter at my day job, and no longer an editor. For those of you just catching up, I work in advertising. And I was worried that doing writing 50 hours/week would steal some of my creative "juices" from my fiction pursuits.

Guess what? I think it's actually helping. Before I used to have trouble writing on weeknights and would be a weekend warrior. Now I actually find myself settling into bed with my notebook at night to jot down scenes. (This is normally my reading time, so needless to say I am quickly falling behind on my reading. I STILL haven't finished all of my Christmas books.)

And on a completely unrelated note--I caught myself staring unashamedly at people on the subway the other day. So wrapped up in observing/making up stories about them, I didn't even notice when they caught me out. Let's just hope I wasn't talking to myself without realizing it. Although I'm sure that will happen some day soon...

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