In the Meantime

So I bet you're wondering if I've heard any good news on the query front for Charm Bracelet.

Well, I'm right there with you. The other day I got one of those automatic "we received your query, please allow 6-8 weeks for our response."

Wow, it took me just about 6-8 weeks to write the first draft of CB. (Uhhh, I know that sounds pretty good, but let me stress the words FIRST DRAFT. It took much longer to do the rewrites, change a main story arc, and completely re-do the ending.) This time frame doesn't surprise me; I know agents have a lot on their plates, and more and more people are deciding they can write books so the slush pile is ever-growing.

But man, that's a lot of time.

So why am I not freaking out, checking my email every 5 minutes? (Okay, okay. I check it 2-3/day. I am slightly neurotic; I'm a writer, after all.) Because I've been BUSY. First of all, as I mentioned before, I'm transitioning to a writing position at my day job. Which has been pretty awesome. Not so awesome are the hours, or the fact I sometimes have to do work on weekends. Which by the way, I am not paid for. One of the downfalls of being on a set salary. Although having medical insurance is cool and all.

And then, I am making great progress on my gothic untitled novel. By "great" I don't mean crazy huge word counts, but I think it's really quality stuff. And I'm really enjoying the story. 

And then, tomorrow I'm volunteering at Liberty Humane Society, playing with some kitties and pups that could really use some love and affection.

So the moral of this story? When you're in the dreaded query process, keep so freakin' busy you don't have time to THINK about it. Oh, and also--make sure to spay or neuter your animal to help control the unwanted pet population. (not to go all Bob Barker on you. Does anyone even get that reference?)

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