Query Contest with Joanna Volpe

For my fellow writers, have you entered Agent Joanna Volpe's query contest at WriteOnCon? If not, you have ummm...approximately 4 hours left.

I really shouldn't have entered, since I don't have a complete manuscript, let alone a working query. But considering the fab prizes, how could I resist? So I whipped up a draft, below. The first line, of course, is inspired by this post. A little too campy, perhaps? :)

* * * 

Dear Ms. Volpe,

Some bad boys really are bad...

As the daughter of international ghost hunters, Sofia Magnus’ upbringing has been unconventional. So when her parents insist that she finish high school in her New England hometown while they work a gig in Brazil, she expects it to be the least exciting two years of her life.

Then she meets Oz, and suddenly the typical teen lifestyle is a lot more appealing. He’s spontaneous, he’s charming, he’s sexy. There’s just one problem.

He’s a freakin’ demon.

Sof knows a little something about demons. Right before her 16th birthday, one nearly succeeded in possessing her, leaving her with some peculiar abilities. When Sofia learns Oz is responsible for the murders cropping up in town, she must concede that their relationship isn’t just toxic, it’s deadly. It’s time to end their romance—and possibly end him.

Either way, it’s going to be one Hell of a break-up.

THE REVENGEFUL is YA urban fantasy (60,000 words). Thank you for your time and consideration.

* * * 

That fifth paragraph could definitely use a little TLC. Luckily I have plenty of time to work on it before I start querying agents for real.

Good luck to anyone who's entered! I'm hoping tomorrow is a slow workday so I can read through the other entries. :P

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  1. Think of the covers! All the fantastical covers that could go with this awesomeness.

    But seriously. I would grab this faster than cheesecake.