Rumor Has It

My friend told me she received an email from Amazon informing her that they're shipping Mockingjay 11 days earlier than the original release date. (Aug 13 vs Aug 24) Since Hubsy was thoughtful enough to preorder it for me months ago, I asked if he received the same email.


So, either:
A) Hubsy is fibbing to surprise me
B) There is some cruel rumor going around to taunt rabid Hunger Games fans

Speaking of taunting...

So I ask, any HG readers out there who preordered on Amazon and who also heard about an earlier release date? It's time to either confirm or squash this rumor, Access Hollywood-style.


  1. Little Brother says that it's coming out on the 24th. But he might be lying too. Scholastic people are shady;)

  2. Scholastic could probably house the gov't biggest secrets. Security has to be tight when JK Rowling is one of your authors!

  3. It's almost here! A little more than a week left. I'm nervous, though. There's no way they'll all survive :(