Why, Hello There

Just popping in to say, no, unfortunately I am not somewhere tropical and exotic sunning myself this week. It seems that, although the publishing industry sleeps during August, the advertising industry does not. So I've been busy with the Day Job and poor bloggy has been suffering. But don't fret, I will return this weekend with the usual nonsense. Now get out and enjoy the weather! Don't forget the SPF.


  1. The good thing is that those tropical and exotic places are patient and will wait for you :)

    SPF or make the sun disappear? SPF or... I'll go with the SPF.

    I've never thought about it before, but the earth is kind of like an oven, isn't it? Stand in the sun long enough and you become a red lobster. >.<

  2. i've thought about that before. that's why climate change scares the crap out of me. eventually we're all going to roast.

  3. Well. I hope it'll be quick. You know, microwave quick rather than slowly turning on a fire. Oh crap, that was morbid. But seriously, it freaks me out too. (that's the kind of stuff my mind thinks up) Even though lots of people say the whole climate thing is bull-.